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The Bridge is the second album by Swedish pop music group Ace of Base It was composed during 1994 and 1995, and released in October 1995.

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It is the only Ace of Base album to feature sizable contributions of writing, production, vocals, and harmonies by all four band members, each having an important part in its creation.. org Ace of Base - 8 Albums, 30 Singles, Ace Of Base ♪ ♪ Discography 1992, All That She Wants (CD5) 1993, Happy Nation (CD1) (CD5) 1993, Happy Nation (CD2) (CD5) 1993, Happy Nation (US).. Thepiratebay se Ace of Base - 8 Albums, 30 Singles, 4 Compilations (1992-2010) Audio FLAC 2 months monova.

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